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In order to protect all players on BLUEBERRY we require you to meet certain standards

Steam account requirements

  • No Limited Accounts
    What is a Limited Account?
    We do not whitelist any Limited Accounts
  • Maximum 2 Vac and 1 Game ban
    No newer bans than 50 days in any game. No exceptions
    This includes alt-accounts and otherwise connected accounts
  • No VAC/Game ban in Rust
    If you’ve ever been banned in Rust on an alt account you’ll never be allowed to play on BLUEBERRY
    Trying to bypass this means you’ll most likely end up losing your progression during a wipe when you’re banned
    By doing this you risk all your teammates to get banned on the servers as well
  • Name restrictions
    You are not allowed to have any website advertising in your Steam name
    To change your name it’s required to restart Rust and changing it before you try to join again
  • Affiliated with a cheater
    If you in any way are affiliated with a cheater your playing right will be revoked
    Matching IP, a friend or someone that you have played with counts as affiliated

Network requirements

  • VPNs Blocked
    If you are using Geforce Now or similar service, you might get blocked because of VPN.
    Under certain circumstances we allow VPNs and Geforce Now services
    Contact someone in Staff on Discord to get whitelisted

Contact staff

  • If you’re in need to get in touch with a Staff member for whitelist or have general questions about our requirements you need Discord
    Head to Discord and message someone in Staff: