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Keep up to date what’s happening behind the scenes in BLUEBERRY





I’m happy to inform our community is growing both by playercount and members in our Staff team. We have newly recruited chat moderators and more than ever players verified using our Discord on a everyday basis. Since since last month we’ve had a 2000 member growth which is insane!

This means more work on our side and we can’t babysit players with small issues and have to make priorities on what’s important like catching cheaters, enforcing group limits and automate as much as possible in the back-end of things. We’ve currently come to a point where most of our things are automated but there are still some bugs and issues that has to be ironed out. To name a few examples, servers sometimes didn’t restart at wipe and the wipe announcement broke for a short period of time, this is all fixed now.


Since about six months ago I got into Python and have ever since been addicted to programming. About a month ago I started with C# to create plugins instead of spending big money (€500-2000) a month on developers. Big thanks to Hoppel from Rustoria and Diametric for helping me out getting started in C# and Python, I would have given up if they weren’t so helpful.

While being able to understand the code in Plugins we’ve bought from developers I see a lot of things that doesn’t make sense performance wise. The problem is when buying plugins or code the seller mainly focus on functionality and how it appears without the need to make it as optimized as possible. With the engine Rust is built on(Unity) it’s important to make it clean and avoid any memory leaks that will make the Garbage Collects heavier and freeze the whole server for a second or two. When running many plugins small things add up in the end and it can make your experience suck due to rubberbands.

This week I’ve worked on replacing our old Stats plugin that collected a lot of garbage with a new heavily optimized one. Instead of using local databases it pushes things to a remote MySQL database which we’re planning to use for the website to display more detailed stats. To name a few we’ll be able to display a heatmap of where you’re hitting your targets, how many times you’ve picked up wounded players or syringes given to others and to whom. There’s endless of possibilities and the best of all, it wouldn’t negatively affect performance since our backend takes care of all the information.


I am glad to inform you guys that our staff team is constantly growing and this week we have recruited several people that will work with us and help us grow as a community. It is always refreshing to see new faces so make sure you come and meet them
Don’t forget that anyone can apply to become a staff member so if you feel that you want to contribute you can find the application form on Discord.

Just like last week I have been concentrating a lot on the loot table together with the new shop. Finding a good balance between them both has been a challenge , a challenge I have been enjoying taking on. It will remain a work in progress but I’m looking forward to work on this with you guys! We got positive feedback from you guys regarding the recycling speed which is good to hear, it means our thoughts and changes works good in practice.

Pumpshotgun has been removed from the blueprint kit you can purchase on EU5x webstore. We have also increased the cooldown on KitGear and KitBP to adapt them to the loot tables changes. If you have any thoughts regarding the kits both in store and in-game we would love to hear them in our suggestion channel on Discord.

This week we updated our rules on our modded servers EU5x, EU10x, EU10xNOBP, US5x & US10x . We received a lot requests to both lower and cap the limit of any group activity. To make sure we didn’t exclude already existing groups we kept the limit on 8. You are however not allowed to roam, raid or base with others except your clan , this means no alliances.

If you have been on one of our modded servers, such as 5x or 10x you know that the Outpost is one of the biggest successes on the servers, due to the gambling system we have there. While interacting with players a few weeks back I thought of a new minigame that I would love to have in outpost. I contacted a developer and explained my idea which seemed to be doable. I don’t want to disclose too much but hopefully I will be able to give a sneak peek next week.


I’ve been working with Lucy on the way we ban people. This change will make it easier for admins to look over and into the bans. It will also get easier to look into more specifics regarding what kinds of bans we use most and therefor make it easier find where we need to improve things like rules and features on our servers.
When this is fully implemented we will also be able to change on which servers the person are banned, for example we can choose to only ban on EU2x Solo, EU2x Solo/Duo/Trio and US2xTrio if someone breaks the group limits.





Ever since I started BLUEBERRYgg in the first quarter of 2016 I’ve felt like I wanted to do something more, to explore and learn, to understand the needs of players in order to fullfill them. During my time administrating servers I’ve always loved when new friendships and hateships form and see the progression in how it plays out. Friendships turns to most hated enemies within hours. At times we have players insiding without the team knowing about it and can continue for weeks. Eventually their team comes to us telling we have absurt amount of cheaters and they move on to the next server. This is all a part of the game and we do never inform teams what is actually going on.

With this said, I feel like we as community have a lot to share. Stories about teams, what’s happening behind the scenes, what we’re working and what to be excited about. I am not yet sure how often we’ll post and as you can see this website is shit. We’ll soon remake the whole webpage and have a proper news/blog page for the purpose to share and inform.

Maxaki's week

This week I’ve focused all our attention on performance and have discovered many performance heavy issues in plugins. When the server rubberbands it does something called Garbage Collects which is exactly what it implies, it collects and clean out garbage from code that’s no longer in use. Some plugins and the game will always have garbage collects but we can minimize it as much as we possibly can, which is what we’ve focused on past week.

Here’s an example how the FPS dips every time it collects.

I’ve done improvements on Serverinfo, Kits, NTeleportation, AutoDoors, GatherManager and OutpostProtection.
Generally, plugins that is used over and over collects more garbage and has to do more collecting of garbage.

The main thing I’m focusing on right now is a new Stats plugin that will make it able for us to display leaderboards on this website. I won’t go into more technical details but it will have minimal garbage collection.
Other important mentions are I’ll work on a new Team system that uses the native teaming along with Sharing that will be great for performance.

Lucy's week
  • New stuff
    BetterShop on EU5x, US5x, EU10xnobp, EU10x and US10x with improved performance
  • Updated stuff
    Loot tables on EU5x, US5x & EU10x
    Stacksizes on EU5x & US5x
    Recycling speed on EU5x & US5x
  • Stuff in progress
    Update loot tables for US10x
    Look into donator kits to balance it with the new loot tables and shop on the servers

After a few suggestions from players we decided to completely revamp the loot tables on the servers.
We have together with the players tried to find a good balance with the loot so the gameplay isn’t as fast paced as it has been. This together with reduced stacksizes will make the server feel less like a battlefield server.
With the new loot table we also felt it was time to change the shop. Not only did we get a new version of the shop, that’s better for the server perfomance but we also got some new added features.
After a wipe a few items will be locked for a longer time, this will just like the loot table prevent the gameplay from being too fast. This is a working progress and we will keep an open dialogue with the players to improve the server even more

Diametric's week
  • Nothing big, mostly helping Max identify plugins with performance issues, and working on some backend plugins for data collection to help us admin a little better